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A new offering at Seattle Sound Temple, our Hands on Healing Soundbaths are a wonderful fusion of sound and touch/energy therapies. Each month we offer a different healing modality with practitioners who are specialists in their field, who work in collaboration with Irene to create a unique and transformational experience for you. Join us!

Alison Laird Craig joins Irene on March 13 for our Hands on Healing Soundbath. Alison Laird Craig is a Shiatsu and Reiki practitioner with 17 years of experience practicing energy and body work. Fusing 5 Element Shiatsu (a traditional form of Japanese bodywork based in Chinese Medicine) with delicate touch and Reiki, Alison locates and shifts energetic imbalances in the meridian system, invigorating the flow of chi to enhance overall balance. Her work is both deeply relaxing and invigorating and addresses both physical and psycho-spiritual concerns. Find out more about Alison here.

The Art of Sound Healing – Sedona
With Irene Ingalls

Monday, February 26, 2018, 9am-4:30pm.
$225 includes lunch and materials

In this very special training, Irene takes her Art of Sound Healing training to beautiful Sedona, Arizona as part of the 2018 Self-Empowered Wisdom Retreat! This day long workshop immerses you in the fundamentals of sound as a healing modality. You will become acquainted with The Power of the Human Voice as a Healing Instrument, Vocal Exercises To Free the Diaphragm and Breath, How Vibration & Resonance Balance and Alter Brain Waves, The Power of Directed Intention In Sound Healing Work, How to Work with Singing Bowls and Other Sound Tools, as well as Hands On Practice Utilizing Singing Bowls On or Near the Body to Remove Energetic Blockages. Join Irene for this powerful training in Sedona!

The Year of the Earth Dog/
Spring Equinox Seated Sound Bath

Tuesday, March 20, 2018
Doors Open at 7pm, Sound Bath 7:30-8:30

Join us March 20, 2018 for our Year of the Dog/ Spring Equinox Seated Sound Bath! This very special sound bath welcomes and celebrates these emerging energies. The spring/Vernal Equinox is the still point between winter and the coming spring, a place of balance where we take in the gifts of winter while turning to open to the coming of light and the new beginnings and fertility that spring brings. The Year of the Earth Dog brings groundedness, loyalty, nourishment and balance and we will set our intentions to receive and embody these qualities. This seated sound bath allows us to remain keenly alert and let sound awaken and vivify our intentions, prayers and visualizations. Please come dressed comfortably and bring anything that will make your seated sound bath more comfortable for you.


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