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A new offering at Seattle Sound Temple, our Hands on Healing Soundbaths are a wonderful fusion of sound and touch/energy therapies. Each month we offer a different healing modality with practitioners who are specialists in their field, who work in collaboration with Irene to create a unique and transformational experience for you. Join us!

Maryanne Schumacher joins Irene on December 12 for our Hands on Healing Soundbath. Maryann is a Spiritual Counselor, Craniosacral Practitioner, Sound Healer and Breathworker. Her deep synthesis of these healing models helps you remember your true nature and peal away layers of false beliefs, your heart begins to open, edges soften, your body and nervous system begin to relax. Working with Maryann helps you rediscover your innocence, your ability to love all of who you are, and start to make new conscious choices as you move forward in your life. More information about Maryanne can be found at https://www.maryannschumacher.com/

Seattle Sound Temple
and Luminosity Healing Arts Present
A Sacred Sound and Munay-ki Ceremony

Wednesday,December 13, 7-10pm
Limited Space, Register Early!

Join Sound Healer, Irene Ingalls and Alchemical/Shamanic Healer, Ashera Serfaty for this very special and beautiful ceremony.

The Munay-ki are light transmissions/ initiations of the Peruvian medicine way which carry codes of the new human. They are energetic codes that can transform and upgrade your luminous energy field and DNA. This will be a remarkable evening to support and nourish your well being. The rites are received as a series but single transmissions are valuable in their own right. Three of the rites will be transmitted this evening and the rest will be transmitted in a second Munay-ki Ceremony in late Summer or early Fall. We welcome new comers to receive the Munay-ki as well as those who have previously received them but would like to refresh these energies.
To Register For This Special Ceremony, Please Contact Ashera Serfaty At luminosityhealing@yahoo.com

Inès Maricle is a medium, spiritual guide, and intuitive vibrational healer. Working with trans-dimensional guidance and shamanic lineage, she uses her voice as a healing instrument. Toning, ancient sounds and light language are specifically delivered to each client to remove his or her blockages. She assists others through her devotional work to offer a deep transformational healing…. Ines is elated to share her work, which transcends old belief systems and brings freedom into one’s heart. For more, visit her website at: http://inesmaricle.com.

Introduction to Vocal Sound Healing- Level 2

With Susan DuMett & Ines Maricle

Monday, December 4, 7-9:15pm

Ines Maricle and Susan DuMett are professional sound healers and vocalists who use voice as a tool for personal and collective transformation. Sound is a medium to which the whole body responds to on a cellular level and the human voice evokes resonance in the psyche and nervous system. In INTRODUCTION TO VOCAL SOUND HEALING – LEVEL 2 you will learn:
* Specific sounds and soundings to facilitate transformation and
* How to consciously direct vocal vibrational resonance
* Sound nutrition for yourself and others
* How to use your intuition to sense what soundings are needed
* The relationship of specific sounds to chakras and other
aspects of your energy body

Join vocal sound healing practitioners Inès Andrade-Maricle and Susan DuMett for an evening of instruction and individual, partner and group exercises as you gain experience using your own voice to move and transform energy.
Note: This class is designed for people with some understanding of sound healing, but remains open to any
and all interested in learning how to open and expand their voice for the purpose of healing themselves and others. If you have questions please contact Inès or Susan directly at susan@auroraevolution.com; maricle.ines@gmail.com

Susan DuMett is a clairvoyant and clairsentient certified in energy system healing, hypnosis and vocal sound healing. Through these and other healing modalities, including NLP, spiritual guidance and therapeutic conversation, she helps people in distress and transition find solid ground, get to the root of emotional and energetic challenges, release energy blocks, heal deep-seeded wounds, “rewire” unhelpful thought-language and behavioral patterns, clear the fog and shift into greater ease, clarity, personal power and inspiration! www.auroraevolution.com

Winter Solstice Despacho Ceremony & Sound Light Meditation:
Weaving Your Dreams Into Being & Illuminating Your Heart
with Ashera Serfaty & Friends

Sunday, December 17th
7:00- 9:00pm

Join us for this special Winter Solstice celebration to welcome the new cycle and the return of the light. We weave our intentions into a Despacho ceremony, a traditional ceremony from the high Andes of Peru, to bring us into Ayni, a state of reciprocity and balance, to give back to Mother Earth (Pachamama) and other Spirits (organizing principles of the Universe). During this beautiful Andean prayer offering, we assemble a sacred mandala with flower petals, sweets, and other symbolic contributions to focus our intentions for right relationship with our lives and the earth.

The ceremony releases old energy and invites new energy to come into our lives, opening us to abundance in our lives. Through group participation, we weave the energetic threads of our prayers and our gifts through the sacred circle, filling the mandala with love, beauty, joy, abundance and the oneness of life. We do this so that we may carry the sense of balance and harmony out into our community and the world.

The Art of Sound Healing – Sedona
With Irene Ingalls

Monday, February 26, 2018, 9am-4:30pm.
$225 includes lunch and materials

In this very special training, Irene takes her Art of Sound Healing training to beautiful Sedona, Arizona as part of the 2018 Self-Empowered Wisdom Retreat! This day long workshop immerses you in the fundamentals of sound as a healing modality. You will become acquainted with The Power of the Human Voice as a Healing Instrument, Vocal Exercises To Free the Diaphragm and Breath, How Vibration & Resonance Balance and Alter Brain Waves, The Power of Directed Intention In Sound Healing Work, How to Work with Singing Bowls and Other Sound Tools, as well as Hands On Practice Utilizing Singing Bowls On or Near the Body to Remove Energetic Blockages. Join Irene for this powerful training in Sedona!


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