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Jonathan Van Valin joins Irene on October 24 for this special offering. Jonathan has a unique healing ability that surpasses the usual. Working with the Crown Chakra, he naturally assists those he works with in opening and activating their own divine transmissions from Spirit, allowing amplified access to their higher self. To rest under his touch is a magical experience, indeed! You can find out more about Jonathan here: http://www.jonathanvanvalin.com/

Michelle Trump joins Irene on November 7 for this special offering. Michele is a trusted guide for individuals ready to reclaim their energy, transform stress, and cultivate a healthy relationship between body, mind, heart and spirit. She believes we all have an authentic healing path and holds sacred space for individuals to tap into their inner wisdom and discover what truly feeds their whole being. With over a decade in the holistic health and wellness field providing Therapeutic Massage, Energy Work and Holistic Health Coaching, Michele’s multidimensional approach weaves together ancient healing wisdom with modern therapeutic methods to create a personalized journey of nourishment. You can learn more about Michele at www.vitalroots.org

Seattle Sound Temple
and Luminosity Healing Arts Present
A Sacred Sound and Munay-ki Ceremony

Wednesday, September 20 & Friday, October 20, 7-10pm
$75 each Ceremony

Join Sound Healer, Irene Ingalls and Alchemical/Shamanic Healer, Ashera Serfaty for this very special and beautiful ceremony.

The Munay-ki are light transmissions/ initiations of the Peruvian medicine way which carry codes of the new human. They are energetic codes that can transform and upgrade your luminous energy field and DNA. This will be a remarkable evening to support and nourish your well being. The rites are received as a series but single transmissions are valuable in their own right. Three of the rites will be transmitted this evening and the rest will be transmitted in a second Munay-ki Ceremony in late Summer or early Fall. We welcome new comers to receive the Munay-ki as well as those who have previously received them but would like to refresh these energies.
To Register For This Special Ceremony, Please Contact Ashera Serfaty At luminosityhealing@yahoo.com

Miriam’s Secret
Revealing the Ancient Wisdom of Feminine Leadership
Book Signing and Sound Healing Event
With Author and Voice Mentor, Eliana Gilad

Thursday, September 28, 7-9pm

The Prophetess Miriam, the elder sister of Moses, represents one of the most remarkable examples of feminine strength in the Bible. Her feminine leadership changed the course of history, yet the sands of time have silenced her voice.
It was Miriam who prophesied the birth of Moses. It was she who watched over him in the bulrushes, and she who suggested the baby’s own mother be hired as his wet nurse. Miriam, Moses, and Aaron were appointed by God to lead the Hebrews out of Egypt, though it was she whom the entire people relied upon for the sustenance of water and faith.
Miriam’s feminine leadership needed no ratings. She knew her power. What she was, what she endured, are important as we consider mindfulness in our lives today.

In Miriam’s Secret: Revealing the Ancient Wisdom of Feminine Leadership, author, TEDx presenter, healing music composer, and voice mentor Eliana Gilad reveals the astounding truth: You are your own leader. You can access your own Promised Land within, no matter what your circumstance.

During this rare, empowering event, Eliana will read from the book, answer questions and compose a live healing music meditation to help you trust your true voice.

About the Author

Eliana Gilad works with successful women suffering from self-doubt. She helps them have the confidence to fully share their voices with the world.

“Eliana Gilad is like an ancient priestess, bestowing enchantment and alchemy through rhythm and sound. She takes you to a very deep place and then lifts you to a beautiful high.”
Marianne Williamson, author of A Return to Love and From Tears to Triumph

“What a wonderful, well researched, musical invitation to step into the story of the Promised Land! I highly recommend it.”
Christine Stevens, author of Music as Medicine
“Miriam’s Secret provides an inspiring spark and fills an important void… This transformational work will warm your heart and nourish your mind’s eye.”
–Joanne Loewy, Director – Louis Armstrong Music and Medicine Center, Beth Israel Hospital, and Associate Professor, Icahn School of Medicine, Mount Sinai



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