Seattle Sound Temple hosts a great variety of Special Events which include performances, workshops, special ceremonies and presentations. Check back here frequently and sign up for our monthly newsletter to stay abreast of our upcoming events.

Hands On Healing Sound Baths

Doors Open at 7pm, Session 7:30-8:30

A new offering at Seattle Sound Temple, these special community sound baths take place once monthly and are a lovely merging of sound healing and hands on healing techniques. Each month we invite in different practitioners with unique specializations in the healing arts to join Irene in creating a powerfully transformative experience, fusing sound with touch and energy work. Check our Sound Bath Calendar, Special Events page and our monthly newsletter to find out who are guest practitioner is each month. Come dressed comfortably and prepare to have your senses awakened and engaged.

Ashera Serfaty, Energy Medicine and Shamanic Healing Practitioner joins Irene in June and July for this special offering. For more information about Ashera, visit Luminosity Healing Arts

An Evening With Luminosas

Sunday, September 10, 6-7:30pm

Seattle Sound Temple is thrilled to host an evening with the mesmerizing vocal trio, Luminosas!

With a focus on the power and beauty of the human voice as a means for healing and transformation, Luminosas creates sacred sonic environments based on spontaneous resonance and intuitive harmonies. The trio also regularly holds voice activation and empowerment workshops to support people in owning the power of their true voice in life and in song. Luminosas is Elle McSharry, Susan Dumett, and Inѐs Andrade-Maricle.

Please join us for this evening of exquisite vocal rapture! For more information about Luminosas, please visit:

Seattle Sound Temple
and Luminosity Healing Arts Present
A Sacred Sound and Munay-ki Ceremony

Wednesday, September 20, 7-10pm

Join Sound Healer, Irene Ingalls and Alchemical/Shamanic Healer, Ashera Serfaty for this very special and beautiful ceremony.

The Munay-ki are light transmissions/ initiations of the Peruvian medicine way which carry codes of the new human. They are energetic codes that can transform and upgrade your luminous energy field and DNA. This will be a remarkable evening to support and nourish your well being. The rites are received as a series but single transmissions are valuable in their own right. Three of the rites will be transmitted this evening and the rest will be transmitted in a second Munay-ki Ceremony in late Summer or early Fall. We welcome new comers to receive the Munay-ki as well as those who have previously received them but would like to refresh these energies.
To Register For This Special Ceremony, Please Contact Ashera Serfaty At luminosityhealing@yahoo.com

The Practice of Energy Medicine & Shamanic Healing:
Tools for Soul Healing, Energy Clearing, Protection & Renewal- Level 1
With Ashera Serfaty

September 15-17, 2017

This experiential training will allow you to deepen into your own transformational healing journey with practical tools and techniques for shifts in your life and your work with others. This training is valuable for your own self-transformation or if you a healing practitioner of any kind (massage therapist, yoga teacher, acupuncturist, naturopath, energy healing practitioner or sound healer). You will learn to open your intuitive knowing, seeing abilities, access allies and support. An understanding of the roots of emotional, physical and spiritual imbalance will then allow you to shift these, cleanse yourself, others and open to higher frequencies for wholeness balance and joy.

Training Includes:

– Understanding the Luminous Body
– Clearing Imprints in Energy Body
– Opening Your Seeing & Deepening Your Intuition
– Creating and Working In Sacred Space & Containers
– Cleansing Yourself and Your Space
– Cord Cutting
– Walking with Protection
– Shamanic Journeying
– Working With Allies
– Chakra Balancing
– Soul Retrieval
– Tracking Through Time Lines


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