Seattle Sound Temple hosts Spiritual Retreats and pilgrimages to sacred sites in Egypt and Peru each year. These special journeys are led by Irene Ingalls along with other teacher/guides who have intimate understanding and knowledge of these sacred sites. Working closely with indigenous healers, shamans and tour guides, they create exciting spiritual quests that are transformative and life changing.

Journey To The Source:
Portals & Possibilities

Shamanic Healing & Sacred Sound Journey
Sacred Valley/Machu Picchu/Lake Titicaca, Peru

With Sound Healer Irene Ingalls, Alchemical Healer Ashera Serfaty, Traditional Q’ero Wisdom Keepers and Indigenous Curanderas
April 14-24, 2018
April 24-30, 2018, Lake Titicaca Pilgrimage

This is Not Your Typical Andean Retreat As We Delve Deeply Into The Mysteries & Places Few People See and Experience !

Mystical Temple Sacred Sites, Pristine Mountains and Sacred Lakes, Mystical Lake Titicaca Islands, Stargate Portals, Q’ero Wisdom Keepers, Andean Medicine Wheel, Sacred Sound, Shamanic Journeying Movement, Meditation and Plant Medicine Ceremony.

Join Irene Ingalls and Ashera Serfaty for an incredible journey of the heart and connect with the magical and profound healing energy of Peru’s Sacred Valley!
Through sacred sound- crystal bowls, light language, mantras, bija, sounds, wild chant/song and expressing our own unique voices- we awaken and attune to the highest vibration of light as we weave our way through the Sacred Valley and its mystical sites and portals.
We come together at Sach’a Munay Retreat and Yoga Center, located at the base of a stunning waterfall and the powerful mountains of Pitisuri and Sawasiray in the Sacred Valley. This incredible oasis, a natural landscape of trees, beautiful rivers, waterfalls, & lakes, embraces us as we cleanse and receive its liquid light energy.

We are honored to Journey with the indigenous wisdom keepers and healers who call this place home and are assisted by them in shedding the past and awakening to the magic of newness in our lives. Master Q’ero shamans guide and support us through sacred ceremony and initiation rites, bringing us into balance and harmony with our lives and the sacred land and sites of Peru.

Retreat Highlights:

Quillaromiyok- Moon of the Rock Temple
The Other World Portal of Amaru Muru
Egyptian Portal in the Andes: Naupa Iglesia
Aakashic Records Gateway Apu Sawasiray

Mysteries of Egypt: A Spiritual Tour

Next Trip Will Be In 2019, Dates TBD

In 2019 (dates TBD) we embark on an extraordinary spiritual quest into the Heart of Egypt. Traveling along the Nile on the beautiful and luxurious Afandina, we visit and make magic at the great temples of Egypt. We hope you join us on this incredible, life changing trip! To find out more, visit our Egyptian Pilgrimage page.


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