Seattle Sound Temple offers and hosts an array of workshops and classes pertaining to sound healing, music and sound experimentation, the healing arts and the esoteric arts. Our workshops aim to further our mission: to create a central locus for those wishing to learn about, experiment with and experience the nature of healing through the senses. Subscribe to our mailing list to stay abreast of upcoming workshops and classes.

The Art of Sound Healing – Level 1

Friday, November 17, 7-9pm
Saturday and Sunday, November 18-19, 10am-5pm, 2017
16 Hours of Training

This special training with Sound Healer Irene Ingalls will introduce students to the history and science of Sound Healing, techniques for singing bowl playing, chakra toning, creating resonance with your client, understanding how specific notes and tones affect the body and spirit and more.

The Art of Sound Healing-Level 1 is an immersive workshop focusing on the fundamentals of sound as a healing modality. Great attention is given to the power of the human voice as a healing instrument and to the beauty and simplicity of this method. Vocal exercises focus on the breath, the chakras and their corresponding sounds and simple toning as a medium for moving energy.

The power of intention is addressed through sound exercises, demonstrating how infusing love, gratitude and wisdom into a session is yet another tool for healing. Participants will learn how vibration and resonance balance and alter the brain’s waves, creating relaxation and transformation in clients.

Irene will teach about the use of crystal singing bowls and other sound healing tools in working with others. Hands on practice utilizing singing bowls around and directly on the body to shift energy blockages is an important aspect of the workshop and gives participants the opportunity to gain confidence in the work.

This fun class covers the basics of sound healing and is perfect for all levels of practitioners. A wonderful class for massage therapists, acupuncturists, physicians and others wishing to incorporate sound as a healing modality into their practice or for anyone interested in the power of sound.

Fantastic class full of practical wisdom, fun and expanding intuitive skills. Irene is a sound Goddess….do yourself a favor and attend her weekly sound meditations…they are powerful!

Caroline Story M.ED, NTP

The Vital Energy Center

Inès Maricle is a medium, spiritual guide, and intuitive vibrational healer. Working with trans-dimensional guidance and shamanic lineage, she uses her voice as a healing instrument. Toning, ancient sounds and light language are specifically delivered to each client to remove his or her blockages. She assists others through her devotional work to offer a deep transformational healing…. Ines is elated to share her work, which transcends old belief systems and brings freedom into one’s heart. For more, visit her website at:

Introduction to Vocal Sound Healing- Level 2

With Susan DuMett & Ines Maricle

Monday, December 4, 7-9:15pm

Ines Maricle and Susan DuMett are professional sound healers and vocalists who use voice as a tool for personal and collective transformation. Sound is a medium to which the whole body responds to on a cellular level and the human voice evokes resonance in the psyche and nervous system. In INTRODUCTION TO VOCAL SOUND HEALING – LEVEL 2 you will learn:
* Specific sounds and soundings to facilitate transformation and
* How to consciously direct vocal vibrational resonance
* Sound nutrition for yourself and others
* How to use your intuition to sense what soundings are needed
* The relationship of specific sounds to chakras and other
aspects of your energy body

Join vocal sound healing practitioners Inès Andrade-Maricle and Susan DuMett for an evening of instruction and individual, partner and group exercises as you gain experience using your own voice to move and transform energy.
Note: This class is designed for people with some understanding of sound healing, but remains open to any
and all interested in learning how to open and expand their voice for the purpose of healing themselves and others. If you have questions please contact Inès or Susan directly at;

Susan DuMett is a clairvoyant and clairsentient certified in energy system healing, hypnosis and vocal sound healing. Through these and other healing modalities, including NLP, spiritual guidance and therapeutic conversation, she helps people in distress and transition find solid ground, get to the root of emotional and energetic challenges, release energy blocks, heal deep-seeded wounds, “rewire” unhelpful thought-language and behavioral patterns, clear the fog and shift into greater ease, clarity, personal power and inspiration!


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