Seattle Sound Temple is the Pacific Northwest’s only retail showroom for Crystal Tone Alchemy Singing Bowls. These exquisite singing bowls are made from the highest grade quartz crystal (99.99%). Each singing bowl is individually crafted in the United States through a unique, patented manufacturing process which fuses the crystal with a variety of gemstones, minerals and precious metals, rendering them both incredibly strong and pure in tone.

Bowls are available in a variety of sizes ranging from 6”-24” in diameter and produce a powerful, pure resonance. Each bowl has its own singular voice based on size and the materials it is created from.

We also have the largest selection of Crystal Tones Classic Frosted crystal bowls in Seattle.

Seattle Sound Temple offers complimentary, pre-purchase consultations with prospective buyers, as the importance of hands on experience with the bowls is crucial to choosing the bowl most suited to you and your needs. We keep a large selection of singing bowls on site for you to experience for yourself; schedule a time to come in to meet and play the bowls! Should you require a bowl that we do not have on site currently, we can have it available for you within a few days time.

Below are samples of some of our rotating inventory of singing bowls. Click on each image for more information.

We accept cash, checks, Paypal, Visa and Mastercard for payment. We offer payment plans; feel free to inquire!

8" Peridot C Note +30
Aqua Aura Gold A Note +5
White Gold Alchemy C Note -40
11" Indium With Violet Aura Rim G# Note 0
9" Carnelian Note B +25
 12" Pink Gold C Note
12" Platinum D Note-25
9" Rose Quartz Clear C Note
8" Emerald & Moranite Bowl Note D# +10
12" Ocean Gold Alchemy D Note +40
9" Selenite A O Note
6"  Indian Pipestone A Note +20
6" Citrine With Gold D# +10
12" Grandmother F# Note
8" Sedona Red Rock Bowl G#+35

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