A Sound Bath is a unique and wonderful blend of sound concert and transformative healing session, a sensory experience in which participants are awash in sound vibrations produced by singing bowls, voice and other sound tools. Seattle Sound Temple offers weekly community sounds baths, private, one-on-one sound healing sessions and private group sound bath sessions, all with the Temple’s owner and sound healing practitioner, Irene Ingalls. In her sessions, Irene works with up to 20 Alchemy singing bowls, her voice and other tools to create an immersive soundscape that is, at once, deeply relaxing, healing and a beautiful sonic treat.

Community Sound Baths
Doors Open at 7pm, Sound Bath 7:30-8:30
These special events are a beautiful way to experience Irene’s work with the Alchemy singing bowls in a group setting. Participants rest comfortably on a yoga mat or chair and are bathed in the transformative sounds of our Alchemy singing bowls, voice and other sound tools, including our Meinl Wu Xing Five Element gong. Come dressed comfortably and be ready for a sonic treat that will leave you relaxed and inspired.

Hands On Healing Sound Baths
Doors Open at 7pm, Sound Bath 7:30-8:30
A new offering at Seattle Sound Temple, these special community sound baths take place once monthly and are a lovely merging of sound healing and hands on healing techniques. Each month we invite in different practitioners with unique specializations in the healing arts to join Irene in creating a powerfully transformative experience, fusing sound with touch and energy work. Check our Sound Bath Calendar, Special Events page and our monthly newsletter to find out who are guest practitioner is each month. Come dressed comfortably and prepare to have your senses awakened and engaged.

Seated Meditation Sound Baths
Doors Open at 7pm, Sound Bath 7:30-8:30
Sound is a powerful tool for magnifying our intentions. Our new seated intentional meditation sound baths call on us to remain keenly alert and let sound awaken and vivify our intentions, prayers and visualizations. We can welcome 20 guests for these special sound baths. Please come dressed comfortably and bring anything that will make your seated sound bath more comfortable for you.

Private Sound Healing Session
90 Minute Session
$140 (Purchase a 3 Session Discount Package for $380, a $40 discount)
Couples Private Sound Healing Session
By Appointment
Private Sound Healing sessions are available with Sound Healing Practitioner and owner of Seattle Sound Temple, Irene Ingalls. Irene loves to share her deep passion for healing through the senses with others and in her work with clients utilizes her voice, crystal singing bowls and special glyphs known as Light Language, to bring forth the client’s own innate self-healing capacities. Her work is gentle, intuitive and transformative. Inherently joyful and generous, Irene brings a special sweetness to her sessions and has the rare capacity to see each individual she comes in contact within their wholeness. During a private session, Irene is accessible and present with her clients and you will feel cared for, honored, and embraced.

Fees may be paid by cash, check, PayPal or credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover)

We offer a discount on private sessions when you purchase a 3 session package. We encourage scheduling multiple sessions as this allows Irene to get to know you at a deeper level and to develop a long term treatment plan specific to you and your concerns. Take advantage of this discount and enhance your sound healing experience!

Please arrive on time for your appointment. Lateness will shorten the length of your session, however, you will be expected to pay the full session fee. The time allotted each session is necessary to accomplish therapeutic results in a relaxed, unhurried manner.

Please note that we have a 24 hour cancellation policy for all types of sessions. Community sound bath payments are non-refundable but can be exchanged for another community sound bath within 6 weeks. Except in the case of an emergency, you will be charged the full session fee with less than 24 hour notice. Thank you!

Community Sound Bath
Tuesday, October 16

Community Sound Bath
Tuesday, October 23

Community Sound Bath
With Molly Knight-Forde
Friday, November 2

Hands on Healing Sound Bath
with Jonny Hahn
Tuesday, November 13

Community Sound Bath
with Paula
Wednesday, November 14

Community Sound Bath
With Molly Knight-Forde
Friday, November 16

Community Sound Bath
Tuesday, November 20

Community Sound Bath
With Molly Knight-Forde
Friday, November 23

Community Sound Bath
Tuesday, November 27

Community Sound Bath
with Paula
Wednesday, November 28

Community Sound Bath
With Molly Knight-Forde
Friday, November 30

An amazing experience in a lovely space, with a beautiful, magical musician. Thank you Irene….what a treat!

Ericka Shultz

I love the attention that Irene gives each individual with the singing bowls during community sound baths… deep waves of release in a pure, cascading soundscape!

Peter Wallis

I was skeptical about the whole sound healing thing and then I experienced a private session with Irene. Wow! Utterly relaxing and transformational! A true respite from the stresses of everyday life and a transport to the angelic realms. Skepticism cured!

Imogen Hurst

Experiencing the Sound Therapies, I was overwhelmed by its ethereal beauty and power. The sounds cleansed my heart, so I could see the Colors. Those Colors with Lights must be from Heaven.
-A Japanese Tanka by Tomo

Tomo Morita

Private Group Sound Baths
By Special Arrangement

Private Group Sound Baths are available for your gathering, either on site at the Temple or at a location of your choice. Please contact us to discuss your private sound bath request and specifics.

What an incredible experience working with Irene from Seattle Sound Temple, who performed a private sound bath ceremony in my home, starting with an energy clearing and moving on to a full hour-long sound concert for my family and our special guests. It was an extraordinary and sacred experience and we are forever changed by it. Thank you!

Kate Vrijmoet


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