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Year of the Pig
Annual Chinese New Year Talk
with Elizabeth Schermer

Thursday, February, 21, 7:30-9pm AND Monday, February 25 7:30-9pm
Door Open at 6:45

Join Elizabeth Schermer of the Alchemy Mystery School for her annual Chinese New Year talk.

Themes of this year’s talk include:

Characteristics, themes, and qualities of the Year of the Pig.
How to successfully transition from 2018 Earth Dog to 2019 Pig Year.
A context for global circumstances and ways to experience personal stability amidst cultural change.
How the Year of the Pig relates to your year of birth.

Space is limited. It’s recommended to purchase your ticket in advance. Visit the Alchemy Mystery School website to reserve your seat.
Ticket price includes a detailed booklet with expanded descriptions on the qualities of the 2019 Pig Year.

Elizabeth Schermer is the founder and director of The Alchemy Mystery School. She teaches and consults throughout the world, guiding others on their personal path of empowered joy and self fulfillment. To learn more about her work and the Mystery School community visit the AlchemyMysterySchool.com

Munay-Ki Ceremony
with Ashera Serfaty & Irene Ingalls

Saturday, March 9, 7-10pm

The Munay-Ki are a series of nine empowerment rites based on the initiatory practices of the Q’ero shamans of Peru. Munay-ki means energy of love, from the Quechua word Munay (love) and the Japanese ki (energy). The Munay-Ki is a modern form of transmitting the initiation empowerments of the Q’ero, and are based on the traditional initiation ceremonies of Q’ero shamans.

The Q’ero speak about the crucial time we are at in our world and foresee the coming of a new human consciousness, one free of fear and one that is deeply authentic. The Munay-Ki are codes for this new human consciousness and consist of nine energetic transmissions, half of which are received during the first ceremony and half during the second. These transmissions are imparted as rites to realign and attune our neuro-pathways and shift human consciousness into this new state of being.

Each participant will receive these vital Transmissions from Ashera while receiving powerful healing through sound medicine. The Rites are best received as a series (both nights) but each Rite is valuable unto itself. You are welcome to participate in either evening if you are not able to attend both.



A new offering at Seattle Sound Temple, our Hands on Healing Soundbaths are a wonderful fusion of sound and touch/energy therapies. Each month we offer a different healing modality with practitioners who are specialists in their field, who work in collaboration with Irene to create a unique and transformational experience for you. Join us!

Gary Theo Schultz joins Irene on March 19 for our Hands on Healing Soundbath. Gary Theo Schultz is the founder of INWARD VOYAGE, Inc. with the mission “to inspire and nurture the human spirit.” As a seasoned Energy Healer, Licensed Spiritual Practitioner and noted Meditation Guide, Gary’s holistic approach of embodiment, integrates mind, body and spirit. He partners with his clients to gently and artfully create a powerful Heart-centered “container” that makes healing, integration and transformation welcome.

The evening’s unique offering will feature the modality of Shamanic Reiki, sacredly incorporating the healing elements of nature and intention, to create a Shamanic Soul Garden while immersed in the beautiful vibrations of the Soundbath with Irene Iris Ingalls.

Sound Sanctuary Community Sound Baths
with Molly Knight-Forde

Fridays, 7:30pm, Doors Open at 7pm

A new offering to assist you in shedding your work week stress and start your weekend off right, Sound Healing Practitioner and professional musician, Molly Knight-Forde brings her gorgeous and astounding talent to Seattle Sound Temple with her unique sound bath creations. Molly is a professional classical pianist, international transformation mentor, sound healer and author. Molly is the founder of the Awareness School where she teaches the Art of Self Observation and has been facilitating global retreats, on and offline courses, women’s groups as well as one on one mentoring for over 20 years.

She is trained in Zen Buddhism, Fourth Way Wisdom and Level II Reiki. She is also a level II certified Sound Healer working with crystal alchemy bowls and shamanic sound journey. Discover more about Molly here. Please join us at these special Friday evening sound baths!

Sound Journey
Community Sound Baths with Paula Now

Wednesdays, Doors Open at 7pm, Sound Bath 7:30-8:30

We are thrilled to welcome sound healing practitioner, Paula Now, to our Community Sound Bath offerings! Paula’s exquisite sound bath creations are inspired by her studies with Irene Ingalls and Yantra Jiro and her work as an Reiki/energy healer. Paula’s background in the Sufi dance tradition of Whirling and her studies with Banafsheh Sayyad in Dancing the Divine Feminine, infuse her work with a special passion and wisdom. She loves connecting with the energy of Light in all its various forms and being a conduit of the Universal Life Force. You can find out more about Paula here


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