Irene Ingalls, Seattle Sound Temple’s founder and owner, is an Alchemical and Sound Healing Practitioner, Light Language artist and long time community activist and organizer. Irene began her training in sound healing in 2004, studying with Master Alchemical sound shaman and teacher, Tom Kenyon, as well as Master teacher and Sound Healer, Jonathan Goldman. She is a fully trained Alchemical Healing and Reiki practitioner, her work deeply steeped in the wisdom teachings of the ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools.

Irene has had a private sound healing and light language practice for 13 years, working with clients one on one and in groups. Her vision in the development of Seattle Sound Temple, is to create a space where the arts, both healing and experimental, can thrive and be shared with others through a multitude of offerings.

Irene’s background in experimental music and sound began as a member of the performance art ensemble, Metaphonics, who in 1980s Seattle, playfully imagined what music and sound would be like in a post-apocalyptic, ritual context. As part of an ensemble who built their own instruments out of salvaged scrap metal and other sonicly appropriate debris, Irene began her own explorations of unusual sound sources and inspirations.

Irene has been a professional visual artist for more than 35 years and has been a part of shaping the landscape of Seattle’s art world. In the 80s, she was the Fremont Arts Council President for several years, building the foundation for local artists and their activities and helping to lead the neighborhood toward it’s present vibrancy.

She has collaborated with visual artists, dancers, performance artists, designers, musicians, poets and writers.

She can be reached at irene@seattlesoundtemple.com


Alison Laird Craig, Seattle Sound Temple’s Operations Manager, is an artist, designer, business consultant and writer. Alison performed with Irene in Seattle performance art ensemble Metaphonics in the 1980s and came back together with her more than 26 years later to help her create Seattle Sound Temple.

Alison’s background in dance anthropology and her many years of study of ritual music and dance as healing modalities within the religions of the African Diaspora, inform her current interest in sound healing. Alison studied West African and Haitian traditional drumming with Won-dly Paye, Shari Sparks and Kendrick Freeman. Her study of Dance Ethnology at San Francisco State University led her to New York City where she spent 19 years studying the religious dances of Haiti and Cuba with Jean-Leon Destine, Baba Richard Gonzales, Lionel St. Surin and others.

Alison received her degree in Occupational Studies from the Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences in New York and has been a shiatsu, reiki and bodywork practitioner for 18 years.

At the Temple, Alison supports Irene’s work by taking care of business and has lots of fun as the resident designer (web and PR), social media curator and marketer, business strategist and curator of performances and workshops. Alison co-teaches The Art of Sound Healing Levels I and II with Irene Ingalls. She can be reached at alison@seattlesoundtemple.com


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